Salon Quality Silicone Cape Seals that Are Changing the Hairdressing Game

At Zuka, we believe that an improved client experience can be achieved with simple ideas and small changes. You don’t need a big budget, a full salon facelift, or a dramatic staff brainstorming session to reinvigorate your business; you just need to do the basics better.

We designed our innovative cape seals precisely for that purpose. Combined with the standard tools of the trade—salon smocks or barber capes and paper neck guard strips—our soft, silicone rubber Zuka cape seals help protect clients and their clothing from the icky drip of water or hair color seeping under the cutting cape, and the annoying itch of hair clippings against their skin.

In other words, Zuka cape seals make clients more comfortable.

You want each person who visits your hair salon to walk out loving not just their haircut, but the way you made them feel. Thanks to Zuka, it doesn’t take a new business plan or a huge financial investment to accomplish that. It just takes a simple online order. Make yours today! 

What is Zuka and How Does it Work?

The Zuka is a lightweight, adjustable silicone rubber cape seal used in conjunction with the hair cutting cape that catches your client’s hair. It is not a substitute for paper neck strips; rather, it wraps over those sanitary neck strips and around the top of the cutting cape to form a strong yet comfortable watertight seal on the client’s neck.

As you can see, incorporating the Zuka into the hair cutting process is as easy as it can be. Test its effectiveness for yourself by browsing our website to buy cape seals online in a test package of 2, a full set of 24, or any quantity in between. Say goodbye to smock seepage and client discomfort with the Zuka!

Take Your Client Experience to the Next Level! Order Your Zuka Cape Seals Now!

To find out more about our products or how Zuka can help to improve your client experience and bolster your business, feel free to contact our team today.


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  • Zuka - Sample Set of 2
    Zuka - Sample Set of 2
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  • Zuka Cape Seal System - Full set of 6
    Zuka Cape Seal System - Full set of 6
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